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About Us

From Mr. Christopher Stock – College Principal

“Our aim at Emmanuel is to help the young women and men of the College to be their best and become highly functioning, resilient adults who can think independently and make a difference in our world. This development is pursued in an environment of unconditional respect where students are valued, listened to and work together.

As a Catholic school, our focus is on student development as a whole person, their growth in strong values, and in care and consideration for others, particularly those who need our help.

Academic achievement is an important part of students being their best. Learning how to learn, gaining feedback on learning progress, setting challenging learning goals, daily completion of homework and preparing well for exams are important components of achieving personal best.

Excellence is not an art but a habit. Working in partnership with parents, we strive to build the habit of excellence in the young men and women of Emmanuel as they learn what it means to live life to the full.”


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