Code of Conduct

The Williamstown CYMS Amateur Football Club Code of Conduct applies to all Players, Committee & Officials, Volunteers, Members and Supporters.

The Williamstown CYMS Amateur Football Club is committed to providing the best possible environment for its players, members and supporters. It places great value on fairness, sportsmanship, safety and socially acceptable behaviour. Our Club’s Code of Conduct is driven by these values and it is intended to re-enforce and enhance the club’s standing within the Hobsons Bay community and the wider VAFA football community.

The Code of Conduct will be reviewed annually by the Club’s Committee in order to provide all involved with the CY’s with a clear set of expectations prior to the commencement of the new season.

General Behaviour Protocols

Respect the laws of the game.
Treat all players, fellow club members, supporters and members of the general public with respect and dignity.
Treat all players, staff and supporters of opposition clubs in the same respectful manner.
Show respect to ALL umpires and game day officials - acting at all times in a manner that reflects an appreciation of the sacrosanct role they play in the game.
Respect the role of all club sponsors and volunteers by behaving in a gracious and courteous manner at all times.
Demonstrate a commitment to the club’s policies and programs relating to:
Alcohol consumption
Maintenance of a Smoke and Illicit Substance Free Club environment
Vilification of, or discrimination against, any person on the grounds of their gender, race, ability, religion, age or sexual orientation.
Contribute positively to a safe club environment.
Behave in a manner that brings credit and success to the club – both on and off the field.
Contribute in a manner that brings credit and success to the club – both on and off the field.

Any knowledge of or breaches of this Code of Conduct may involve attendance by the relevant parties at an internal hearing convened by the Club’s Committee of Management and may result in a review of membership privileges or other remedial action deemed appropriate by Club’s Committee of Management.


The Williamstown CYMS Football Club has a long and proud history within the Williamstown Community. Through our club we endeavor to teach and support our players not only on the football field, but also in their daily lives. To do this we need to be committed to modeling the types of behavior and qualities we espouse.

Player Standards
Coaching Standards
Game Day/Training

Williamstown CYMS players will…

Always wear full team attire on game day.
Support all club teams.
Prepare best to their ability for games and training.
Always display strong positive sportsmanship.
Be punctual to all games and training sessions.
Communicate if they are going to be late or unavailable for training or games.
Commit to post game and injury rehab processes
Be conscious of other members of the Williamstown community


Williamstown CYMS coaching staff will…

Always be strong positive role models.
Be honest and consistent in their feedback to players.
Support and enforce equality throughout the club.
Be accountable for all required duties
Provide a highly professional program that meets the needs of the players
Be consistent and transparent when making football decisions.
Be strong positive communicators

Social/Community Standards

All members of Williamstown CYMS will…

Support the club and its needs at functions and fundraisers
Help create and maintain a safe, positive family environment
Respect each other, the club, facilities and the greater Williamstown community


We are committed to our standards because we know that they make us better, people, teammates and club.




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