Grievance Policy 2024

Grievance Policy 2024

Grievance Procedure Concerning an Alleged Breach of Code of Conduct

The following procedure has been developed by Williamstown CYMS Amateur Football Club (WCYMSCAFC) to ensure complaints against the Club’s Code of Conduct are dealt with in a consistent, respectful manner and the rights of both parties are considered.

Formal Complaint

A complaint concerning a coach, club official or player who has allegedly breached the Code of Conduct must be directed to the Grievance Officer/s.  For Season 2024 the Grievance Officer will be the Club Vice President, Daniel Oldham

All complaints concerning a breach of Code of Conduct shall:

  1. a) be in writing (Sent to Club Secretary – [email protected])
  2. b) identify the person against whom the complaint is made
  3. c) set out specific details of the complaint and provide examples of how they have breached the Code of Conduct
  4. d) identify the name and address of the complainant
  5. e) be signed by the complainant (The complaint can be signed by a parent or guardian in the event that complainant is under the age of 18)

The Grievance Officer will determine whether the complaint is made in the proper form as set out above and comes within the scope of the Code of Conduct policy. If the Grievance Officer determines the complaint does not comply with the above, the complainant will be informed in writing and may submit a corrected complaint.


Within seven days of the formal complaint being received, the Grievance Officer will provide confirmation of receipt of the complaint to the person against whom the complaint is made.


The Grievance Officer will investigate any allegations made by the complainant which may include meeting/contacting them personally or persons who may have witnessed the alleged breach of conduct.

The person the complaint has been made against shall have 7 days to respond to the complaint in writing or in person to the Grievance Officer.

Whilst the investigation is occurring the Grievance Officer may impose conditions and restrictions on both or either parties to protect individuals which must be complied with.

Additionally, the Grievance Officer may seek the assistance of a colleague to investigate any allegations or rebuttals made.


The Grievance Officer will consider the complaint and response to determine whether:

  • the complaint is to be dismissed or further investigation is required,
  • the complaint is upheld, or
  • where intervention or disciplinary action is deemed appropriate, make recommendations to the Club Executive, or a grievance panel where established, concerning any sanctions/conditions to be imposed.

All final determinations made by the Grievance Officer and agreed should be confirmed in writing

Appeal Process

Any appeal to the decision made by the Grievance Officer must be made to the Club Secretary in writing and within five days of the Grievance Officer’s written determination.

Where an appeal is lodged the Secretary will notify the Investigating Grievance Officer and the Club President and/or Vice President, in consultation with Club’s Executive Office bearers, shall appoint an appropriate panel of 3 to hear the complaint.

The Panel is to be made up of impartial persons who have had no prior involvement in the matter or direct relationship with the parties.

The majority decision of the panel will be final.

Any sanctions/conditions recommended by the Grievance Officer will remain in force pending the outcome of an appeal.