The Gold and Blue Coterie

Contact: Dene Macleod
Mobile: 0408 534 038
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About Us

The Coterie of the Williamstown CYMS Amateur Football Club, aptly called The Gold and the Blue, was founded in 2008, not just to provide financial support to the club but for our supporters to get more out of their passion for local footy.

Today, The Gold and the Blue Coterie continues to be a vital part of the CYs family and all that it achieves, both as a football club and a responsible body of the local community.

With over 120 existing members and consistent growth, it also offers the opportunity for you to network with key stakeholders in the club and the community, an opportunity many of our members have used to forge new friendships to the benefit of their own businesses.

It is a Coterie that is anything but exclusive: rather it is a group that anyone can be a part of for what is a very reasonably priced donation.  You will feel equally at home whether you are a past player, parent, partner, supporter or local business owner.  The Coterie requires very little commitment from you other than to enjoy your involvement with the football club and attend the functions we run each year.

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