2021 VAFA Registration & CY’s Membership Process

To try and avoid the annual confusion around VAFA Competition Registration and CY’s Club Registration, we are renaming the CY’s Club Registration to CY’s Club Player Membership. 

As part of playing in the VAFA as an amateur football – each player has to re-certify with the VAFA their amateur status each season – that is done as part of the VAFA Registration process. 

As a club – the CY’s need to remain financially viable to provide the service that we do for the players (Footballs, First Aid/Trainers, Coaches etc etc). The CY’s Club Player Membership helps cover those costs.



Step 1 

If you played at the CYs in 2019, SKIP this step, go to Step # 2.

If you are a NEW player to the CYs (coming from Williamstown Juniors or another club), go to this link – you will need a TRANSFER


This will start the process of:

  • Creating an account on the club website
  • Submitting a transfer form to your previous club (where applicable)
  • You will get an email for you to do the final step of your VAFA registration

Step 2

If you played at the CYs in 2019, go to this link


Use the same email address that you used in 2019 to register with VAFA.

Follow the process to reset your password if you cannot remember it – or seek help by sending an email to [email protected] if you can’t remember your email address! 

There is usually an $11 fee charged by the VAFA each year per player  – if you did pay this in 2020, then you will not have to repay it in 2021. If you DID NOT pay it in 2020 – you will need to pay the $11 to the VAFA for season 2021



This is all about being a financial CY’s member and paying your club (CYs) fees.

Step 3

This is for EVERY PLAYER – irrespective of where you played football in 2019.

Go to: https://williamstowncyms.com.au/membership/

  1. Log into the website with your CYs website account
  2. Click on 2021 Player Membership
  3. Pay your registration fee

Fee Structure for Season 2021

Male Playing Member – Seniors, Reserves, 3rd , 4th & U19’s

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – $420 if paid by Feb 28 2021


Female Playing Member

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – $330 if paid by Feb 28 2021



Players are encouraged to obtain a Player Sponsor where part of the Sponsorship fee that is paid – will cover the cost of the Player Membership fee. This is the best way to engage with your employer, or local business, family member or anyone who may be able to support you with the Player Membership fees. 

Player Sponsorship Fee = $610 per player.  Refer to club Website for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

I paid my fees in 2020 – why do I need to pay again in 2021 when there was no season in 2020?

ANSWER : All CY’s Club fees were re-imbursed to players for the 2020 season. If you do not believe you received a refund, please contact the club. The VAFA $11 fee, if paid for 2020 season will not need to be paid in 2021 for returning players. 


Why do we have to pay the $11 VAFA fee?

ANSWER : The VAFA as a competition need to remain financially viable or we will not have a competition to play in. The VAFA introduced the $11 fee as a way of continuing to ensure that the VAFA can operate and cover the costs associated with running the competition. Our club receives no part of the $11. 


Why do I have to Register with the VAFA each season?

ANSWER : As part of playing in the VAFA as an amateur football – each player has to re-certify with the VAFA their amateur status each season – that is done as part of the VAFA Registration process. 


How do I know if I need a Transfer or not for Season 2021?

ANSWER : If you played with the CY’s in 2019, then you WILL NOT need a Transfer. If you played with any other club in 2019 – including Williamstown Juniors – then you WILL need a transfer. For U19’s – the coaches/club can initiate the Transfer for you, it is best to check with the Coaches on the status of your Transfer.  For all other Tranfers (Seniors – men and women – check with your Coach also). 


What if I pay my CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEE prior to Feb 28 to get the benefit of the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – and then I am able to secure a Player Sponsorship after that?

ANSWER : Once your Player Sponsor has paid the Player Sponsorship Fee, then you will be provided a full refund of the Early Bird fee that you would have paid. In fact if you secure a player sponsor after the Early Bird fee – ie you paid the Normal Fee, you will be re-imbursed also.


Why do the players have to pay a membership fee?

ANSWER : The CY’s has a budget that we run to each year. It factors in all the costs that we believe we will incur. This includes the following as examples – VAFA Association fees, Footballs, Coaching, Umpires, Jumpers, Training Equipment, Trainers/First Aiders, Tape, First Aid Supplies, Insurance, Electricity – just to name a few. The clubs is very fortunate that we have fantastic Corporate Sponsors and a very supportive Coterie Group – but the costs of running the club simply outweigh the revenue generated from these sources. The Player Membership is used to bridge the gap and keep our club financially viable. We aim to make a small profit each year – as projects like the Electronic Scoreboard can be invested in.

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