Thank you steph

The Williamstown CYMS Amateur Football Club thanks Steph Payne for her wonderful contributions to the club over the past five years – four of those as club president.

Under Steph’s leadership we have seen some remarkable achievements such as; leading the club through the most successful period in our history – 2019 as a highlight, leading our committee and board to a more gender balanced membership, leading the way for the inclusion and growth of women’s football in the club, overseeing the development of major capital works programs and the implementation of the club’s current strategic plan.

Steph has also led the club remarkably well through the most challenging times that community sport has faced in generations.

While all of these have occured as a result of the hard work of many people, it has been Steph’s leadership that has galvanised these efforts.

Always available and meeting people with a smile, we would like to thanks Steph for her contributions and Dale for supporting her to be our president.

The club wishes Steph, Dale and Milla the best in the next chapter of their lives.

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