Humans of CYs: Pam Temby

The Seagals have set the VAFA competition on fire since their emergence in pre-season 2017. On the eve of their second finals campaign, in the midst of the craziness in the rooms after a win, there is someone working hard behind the scenes to ensure this proud team continues to roll on.

Pam Temby, who calls herself the ‘Snakes and Cordial Coordinator’, is admired by her players.

Pam’s official role as Team Manager involves work to be done during the week and on gameday. Her role includes; ensuring there are enough people for the off field roles for the weekend, making sure the jumpers are ready to wear, liaising with umpires and of course, organising the snakes and cordial- just to name a few.

“I think I am an organised person, so the role suits me. This year Donna Kennedy has put her hand up to help in the role which is fabulous.”  Donna’s two daughters, Scarlett and Ainslie are Seagals.

Club Co-President and Seagals player, Stephanie Payne speaks highly of Pam and her  contribution to the team.

“Pam has been pivotal in the establishment and ongoing operation of our Seagals side. You can count on her support from the sidelines too – she’s a passionate supporter, full of encouragement and a shoulder to cry on if needed.”

Pam won the Tony Williamson award (jointly with Paul Johnson) in 2018 for her outstanding role in supporting the launch and operation of the inaugural Seagals side.

Pam is always putting her hand up to help out wherever needed and isn’t afraid to give different roles a go.

Pam also describes herself as a relaxed character on the night before a game. Before the franticness of gameday, Pam keeps a cool head and looks forward to the contest.

It’s fair to say Pam belongs in football and has always had a deep connection with the game.

“Mum used to say I was the only girl who would run out at three quarter time.”

As a young girl growing up near the Fearon, the turf of the ground was within the fabric of Pam’s upbringing.

Pam spoke about joining in on the three-quarter time huddle when she was little.

“There would be all these men… and me. I was fascinated by the bond & ritual of the huddle.”

Pam labelled the progress of the Seagals side as ‘astronomical’.

“We started in Div 2 with four losses, four and zero, and now we sit second.”

“With blokes it’s layer upon layer upon layer, you learn the basics and when you get to senior level you’ve got all this really strong footy foundation… many of our Seagals had never played footy before and don’t have that lifelong experience, so their success is pretty incredible.”

Pam also spoke to the importance of females being able to physically assert themselves on the field.

“The ability to be physical, that’s an incredibly empowering thing to be able to use your body to defend yourself and to get a ball.”

Pam isn’t the first Temby to be involved with the CYs; her three boys have all played for the club and her brother David was named in a CYs team of the century. Pam has also followed in the footsteps of her late father, Rex Temby who was a team manager, including alongside coach George Fairley (Lachie Fairley’s grandfather).

In addition to game days – Pam is on the CYMS women’s subcommittee. This committee was established to support the growth and sustainability of the women’s program during its infancy. They review and discuss everything from team resources to club integration to future planning the program for the next 2-5 years.

To take us into the rooms before Seagals game, the word, ‘joyous’ jumps into Pam’s mind. “They have so much love and support for each other.”

“I’m really proud to watch them run out as a strong team in a strong competition”

Pam also spoke very highly of Seagals coach, Lawrence (Loz) Henry. Pam says Loz is always imparting his wisdom onto his team. He has been instrumental in the Seagals gaining belief and confidence and he communicates really well to the group of young women. 

So what does Pam want to see for the future of the Seagals? Other than an inaugural premiership, Pam would love to see increased unity between the female side and all the mens sides, including exchanging skills and experience. 

“We should be so proud of having men and women very much involved  in our club, both on and off the field. Having Steph and Ritcho co-president is so progressive and pretty amazing.”

“Men and women offer different perspectives, with a love of footy and the CYs as our common ground. So when we both work together…I reckon that’s an incredibly strong club.”


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