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Many clubs often lay claim to being great family clubs, but very few can compete with the current day CYs group. As one of the oldest community clubs in Australia the CYs culture has been built on the hard work of many generations of families who have made significant contributions over the years. Community clubs are built on these strong family values and the CYs is no different.

In recent years however, the club has seen a surge in sibling players. While it is not uncommon to have siblings play within the same team or across a variety of age levels, what is truly remarkable is the total volume of siblings across our 7 teams.

This volume sees the senior side alone have 4 sets of brothers (one third of the team) who played together in last year’s preliminary final. Across our 4 men’s teams, the CYs celebrate 6 sets of brothers, while the U19s have 3 sets respectively.

Our women’s team who are heading into their second year continue the trend with 5 of their own sets of siblings including Head Coach Lawrence Henry who coaches his sister Beth in the Seagal’s team.

The largest family representation for 2019 however goes to the Chan family with Bess Chan’s move to the club to join her 3 brothers Rob and Will (senior side), and Harry (U19s).

In total the CYs is the football home for 17 sets of siblings.

Here is a list of player & coaching families spread across the various teams:

  • Rob, Will, Harry & Bess Chan (Seniors, U19s, Womens)
  • Lawrence & Beth Henry (Womens)
  • Daniel & Emily Cross (U19s, Womens)
  • Ben & Jack Gray (Seniors)
  • Jack & Ben Connolly (Seniors)
  • Mitch & Blake Parkinson (Seniors)
  • Joel & Louis Hogarth (Seniors)
  • Damon & Brad Tucker (Seniors)
  • Georgia & Olivia Petty (Womens)
  • Tess & Sarah Beagley (Womens)
  • Scarlett & Ainslie Kennedy (Womens)
  • Sophia & Anastasia McKinnon (Womens)
  • Jack & Felix Sutter (Seniors)
  • Oskar & Archi Manton (U19s)
  • Kal, Liam & Lachie Dawson (Seniors, U19s)
  • Taj & Jai Haines (U19s)
  • Dean & Dylan Cutajar (Seniors, U19s)
  • Senior Assistant Coach Michael Johnstone (Father of Tom Johnstone)
  • Senior Assistant Coach David Ackerly (Father of Russell Ackerly)
  • Thirds Coach David Di Genova (Father of Jarryd Di Genova)
  • U19’s Colts Coach Marty Bokma (Father of Will Bokma)

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